Who We Are:

Since 1996 a group of progressive and civic-minded individuals with an intense interest in Southern Nevada politics, gathers to endorse candidates for various offices up for election. This endeavor started at the Las Vegas Bugle, followed by the Las Vegas Night Beat. It now continues in several print publications, including QVegas and the Las Vegas Spectrum. Our committee makes the endorsements available online at NevadaImpact.com

This site is updated before each county-wide/state-wide election cycle and our intention is to have all updates done before early voting begins.

Why We Do This:

This list of endorsements is published to help the LGBTQIA+ and Progressive community be better informed about candidates. We can and will impact the outcome of the election. Our panel considers not only the best interests of the LGBTQIA+ community but also the world in which we live. We believe in LGBTQIA+ equality, women’s rights, a living wage, affordable education, affordable healthcare and common-sense gun reform. In a word, we are progressive.

We consider and make recommendations for nearly every race in Southern Nevada, with the exception of a few rural areas. We also make recommendations on all ballot questions. While we encourage you to do your own research, we also understand elections are complex and confusing at times. We hope our suggestions are helpful.

We urge you to vote in every race and remind you that legislators (Assembly and Senate) will affect all elections at every level. The Nevada Legislature makes statewide decisions, including redistricting. If we elect the wrong legislators, we end up with gerrymandering which unfairly allows a minority to make decisions for the majority. Nationally gerrymandering is how one party can win the majority of votes but then lose the Electoral College, such as happened again in 2016 for the US Presidential race. Likewise, the Nevada Secretary of State and Nevada Attorney General races can impact your voting rights and your legal rights for decades to come.

The comments are edited by Rob Schlegel, former publisher of the Las Vegas Bugle (1985-2002). Rob Schlegel is currently a real estate agent in Southern Nevada and from 1999 to 2021, published the Las Vegas Spectrum. While the Spectrum isn’t currently in print, the Spectrum has teamed up with QVegas and their printed publication. Vist QVegas at www.QVegas.com.