Where do these endorsements come from??

Since 1994 a group of progressive and civic-minded individuals with intense interest in Southern Nevada politics, gathers to endorse candidates for various offices up for election. The Night Beat has published those results and our committee makes them available online at NevadaImpact.com

This year for the Primary, early voting begins May 26 and runs through June 8 with regular voting taking place on Tuesday, June 12. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The deadline to register without having to appear in person is Saturday, May 15. In office and online registration can be done until May 22 at the Clark County Election offices or online at Nevada Secretary of State’s website. Extended online registration can be done May 23-24 but only at the Secretary of State’s website. http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/election/pages/dates.aspx

This list of endorsements is published to help the LGBTQ community be better informed about candidates and to impact the outcome of the election. Our panel has the best interest of the LGBTQ community at heart, but your priorities can best be voiced by doing your own research.

Please understand that many races are not listed because there is no Primary. Many races may only have a Republican or a Democrat Primary. In many cases, we may endorse one party’s candidate in the Primary but endorse an opposing party’s candidate in the general.

Races which do not appear on this endorsement list will appear on the general ballot.

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Candidates Who Deserve Your Primary Vote

We try to endorse both a Republican and a Democrat in the primary races but remember, we'll pick only one in the general. If a candidate isn't mentioned here, it usually because there is no primary. We may choose them in the general so an endorsement here doesn't mean we'll pick them in the general, so check back!

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US Senate
Yes-Rosen, Jacky, Democrat
This is a key race for Dems to regain control of the Senate. She brings new energy to the race.

No!-Heller, Dean, Republican
Used to be moderate but got on the crazy train and missed a few exits.

US House of Representatives, District 1
Yes-Titus, Dina, Democrat
Always right on our issues. A true, long-time friend.

US House of Representatives, District 3
Yes-Lee, Susie, Democrat
The clear choice for the Dems. Right on our issues.
Yes-Hammond, Scott, Republican
A mixed record on our issues but you could do worse.

US House of Representatives, District 4
Yes-Spearman, Patricia “Pat”, Democrat
Horsford has the experience and leadership. Spearman is an out and proud Lesbian State Senator. Both will vote exactly the same on our issues. There is a strong field of good candidates in this race. You pick but Senator Spearman has our vote.
No!-Hardy, Crescent, Republican
No redeeming social qualities. If you’re Republican, vote for someone else.

Yes-Giunchigliani, Christina “Chris G”, Democrat
Hands down our candidate. Best ally we’ve ever had. A member of ACLU, which we like.
Yes-Schwartz, Dan, Republican
Better than the fanatic alternative (Laxalt).

Lt. Governor
Yes-Marshall, Kate, Democrat
Sterling record as state treasurer through difficult times. High integrity.
Yes-Roberson, Michael, Republican
He’s no Jeanine Hansen or Brent Jones. Has been helpful on some issues, some issues not.
Yes-Uehling, Ed, No Political Party
We like his husband and Ed isn’t bad either. No primary though.

Secretary of State
Yes-Araujo, Nelson, Democrat
Up and coming progressive with legislative experience. He’s also out, proud and one of our own.
Yes-Aldridge, Ernest C., Republican
If you’re a Republican, this is the best choice.

Attorney General
Yes-Ford, Aaron, Democrat
Leadership, experience and great voting record.
No-Republicans ...  Neither are good people.

State Senate District 8
Yes-Loop, Marilyn Dondero, Democrat
Solid record of support.

State Senate District 9
Yes-Scheible, Melanie, Democrat

State Senate District 10
Yes-Cancela, Yvanna, Democrat
Yvanna Cancela has proven to be a friend and ally. Outstanding first session, 2017.

State Senate District 14
Yes-Boszak, Wendy, Democrat

State Senate District 16
Yes-Kieckhefer, Ben, Republican
Great on all our issues.

State Senate District 20
Yes-Pazina, Julie, Democrat
We really like both Democrats here but it’s a big campaign and we think Julie Pazina is up to the task.

State Senate District 21
Yes-Ohrenschall, James, Democrat
A long-time supporter from the Assembly and we look forward to working with him in the Senate.

State Assembly District 2
Yes-Orentlicher, David, Democrat
Prolific author, an MD with a JD and a progressive civil libertarian.
Yes-Hambrick, John C., Republican
A sometimes ally. Supportive on trans issues.

State Assembly District 4
Yes-Munk, Connie, Democrat
Yes-McArthur, Richard, Republican
A mixed record of support.

State Assembly District 8
Yes-Frierson, Jason, Democrat

State Assembly District 12
Yes-Levy, Anat “Annette”, Democrat
Supportive and an ally.

State Assembly District13
No!-Sanson, Steve, Republican
Any GOP candidate other than Sanson.

State Assembly District 15
Yes-Watts III, Howard, Democrat
Progressive and supportive on our issues.

State Assembly District21
Yes-Atamian, Garo, Republican
Better than his GOP gun-promoting opponent but we’re going with Osvaldo Fumo in the general.

State Assembly District 22
Yes-Watson, Kristee, Democrat
Great health care ideas, responsible background checks for guns.
Yes-Hardy, Melissa, Republican

State Assembly District 23
Yes-McCarthy, Matt, Republican
He is one… Aw shucks, just vote for him.

State Assembly District 29
Yes-Cohen, Lesley Elizabeth, Democrat
Our friend, always.

State Assembly District 32
Yes-Fransway, Tom, Republican
We don’t know him but he’s not a Hansen and this is a gambling state so odds are he’s better.

State Assembly District 34
No Republican endorsement but Janice Wesen is better than the fringe-right Anthony Laurie. Vote for the Dem, Shannon Mary Bilbray-Axelrod in the general.

State Assembly District 35
Yes-Gorelow, Michelle, Democrat

State Assembly District 36
No Republican endorsement but don’t vote for Oscarson. Vote the Dem, Lesia Romanov in general.

State Assembly District 37
Yes-Cornstuble, Rick, Democrat

State Assembly District 42
Yes-Henry, Ladon Rene, Democrat
This would be Nevada’s first transgendered elected official.

Clark County Commission, District E
Yes-Segerblom, Richard, Democrat
A long-time friend and supporter.
Yes-Rose, Randolph, Republican
His Republican opponent (Trish Marsh) has used homophobic campaign tactics in the past. Marsh is bad news.

Clark County Commission, District F
Yes-Jones, Justin, Democrat
Good on our issues. Long history of strong support.

Clark County Commission, District G
Yes-Van Dover, Fred, Republican
We think he’s okay but Cindy Lake would be dangerous.

Clark County Sheriff
Yes-Lombardo, Joe
Has made positive moves. Metro has reached out to the LGBTQ Community under his watch.

District Attorney
Yes-Langford, Robert L.
Wolfson’s campaign (incumbent) points out that Langford is a former ACLU board member. That’s a great endorsement in our book! Beats ineffective counsel any day.

County Assessor
Yes-Johnson, Briana, Democrat
Knows this department, very capable.

County Recorder
Yes-Jill MacFarlane, Republican
We're going with Debbie Conway in the general.

County Treasurer
Yes-Fitzpatrick, Laura, Democrat
Runs a highly efficient county department.

Public Administrator
Yes-Telles, Robert, Democrat
Be very careful here. This office is a “license to steal”. We know Robert Telles but he won’t have a primary.

Constable, Mesquite Township
Yes-Hughes, Shawn L.

Constable, North Las Vegas Township
Yes-Martin, Jon, Democrat

Regent, State University District 1
Yes-Cato, Jo
Runs a small advertising business, very qualified.

Regent, State University District 12
Yes-Carvalho, Amy
Qualified and capable.

Trustee, Clark County School District D
Yes-Cepeda, Irene
Responsive and qualified. The incumbent (Kevin Child) is anti-LGBTQ and is continually in trouble for harassment of staff. He’s been banned from school campuses without an invitation and escort.

Trustee, Clark County School District F
Yes-Eady, Eileen
She’s an EMERGE graduate and best choice for this important office. EMERGE is a Democratic women’s leadership training organization.

Justice of the Peace, Goodsprings
Yes-Carter, Amber

Justice of the Peace, LV Township, Dept. 1
Yes-Graham, Elana Lee
Fair and open minded. The only choice.

Justice of the Peace, LV Township, Dept. 15
Yes-Delagarza, Melisa
Yes-Rogan, Jeff
Either of these candidates would be great. Dual endorsement. You choose.

Justice of the Supreme Court, Seat C
Yes-Cadish, Elissa
Supportive, fair minded and she will be the best thing that’s happened to this court since Michael Cherry.

Justice of the Supreme Court, Seat G
Yes-Stiglich, Lidia
Supportive on our issues.

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Registration & Voting Information

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